The  design of skid-mounted LNG

LNG skid-mounted loading system is total solution for LNG loading operation, the entire system is installed with around 2.5*2.2*5.5m supporting frame skid, the skid integrates with the main liquid pipelines, gas pipelines, nitrogen purge line, waste burning pipeline, residue recycling and compressed instrument air pipeline component, flow meter, flow control valve, emergency shut-off valves, temperature transmitters, pressure transmitter, pressure relief valve and a large number of process control valves combined in the pipeline. For the unloading operation, specially designed vaporization device, which removed the liquid from the liquid line after the vaporization of LNG for LNG unloading system provides high-pressure gas, so as to provide continuous pressure unloading system, all of these instruments is a PLC logic control system, according to the logical order of loading and unloading vehicles, according to the procedure step b step by the central processor perform loading and unloading operations, the entire system is compact and logically, small-footprint, secure and reliable loading and unloading of LNG is the future direction of development.

Main functions of PLC logic control system:

Monitor LNG handling measurement

Flow rate control

System pressure, temperature measurement and control

Dynamic display terminal loading and unloading processes, process parameters and equipment status

Facilitate the remote control valves, pumps and other equipment, set and modify the control parameters online

Alarm and record storage towards abnormal condition

Through the communication protocol connecting with existing systems to facilitate the unified management of information throughout the production

Control system

The system consists of loading arm, flow-meter, valve, temperature transmitter, press transmitter, level switch, grounding device, loading pump etc. to achieve loading and unloading quantitative control. This system is compact and efficient for loading and unloading petrochemical products as well as being centrally controlled by computer management system. It is widely used in refineries and chemical factories.