Manual Operation

Manual Operation

The quick release hook is used for ship cable fastening and releasing of terminal operations at home and abroad in recent years. It features rapid mooring, instant releasing, and high degree of automation.

Advanced there-dimensional finite element analysis software is adopted for the stress analysis of the hook body. After manufacturing is completed, each product is subjected to tensile test with the pressure 1.25 times of design pressure, which ensures 100% product manufactured pass rate.

  Automatic Operation

Automatic Operation



Each hook can release quickly under the rated load

The operating force is less than 170N when the product is at full load

The hook head adopts a light balanced design. The reset of it and the release components can be accomplished by just one action

Our product can bear loads with the horizontal inclination less than 55º

The basic supporting part is connected with the foundation bolt by a bolt method or is welded with the steel foundation

Our products are respectively designed according to their applications in hazardous areas or non-hazardous areas. Products used in hazardous areas adopts non-spark, electrostatic-insulating design

The explosion-proof grade of the winch and electro-hydraulic control unit is DIIBT4